Today, I have a rather shorter than usual post! I want to talk about a topic that people often neglect, and thus the topic turns into an issue.

The importance of mastering the basics!

I take this physical health thing to heart and his topic is of big importance to me. I’m interested in a lot of bodyweight strength elements and being an overall good athlete.

In order to become one I need to ensure that I have a strong foundation, because building a strong foundation is THE key to achieving any fitness goal.

Think about it!

You can’t build huge buildings and skyscrapers on quick sand. The whole building is going to collapse!

It’s the same thing with your body. You can’t be benching 315 lbs. (140 kg.) and not being able to do 20 push-ups.


Having a strong foundation is all about mastering the basic stuff.

Push-ups, pull-ups, bodyweight squats, chin-ups, dips etc.

You should be able to move Your body FIRST, and then start moving free (READ: other) weight!

That way, by the time You start lifting weights You’ll already have built a reliable foundation and You’ll be SOMEWHAT risk-free!

Weight training provides remarkable results and only by weight training you can get strong in the most literal way.

What I’m saying is that you should NOT neglect the importance of the most basic stuff, not that You should focus on them ONLY.

There was a video of Hannibal for King on Youtube. Basically that was the video that started hooking people up on calisthenics a few years ago.

Anyway … I’m not here to analyze the cultural growth of calisthenics in modern society!

In that video he was explaining and walking the audience through his “actual” workout routine. What he does everyday and shit like that.

The most important thing that I remember him saying in that video was that people should spend some good amount of time mastering basic exercises and progressions before moving on to harder ones.

He mentioned something like seven or eight months of time spent on each progression which is quite a lot to be honest with You, but I think he was saying it just to stress the importance of mastering one movement, one exercise, one progression, before moving on to a harder one.

For those of You who don’t know who Hannibal for King is, just check him out on Youtube or Google.

Basically he was one of the originators of the “Calisthenics”/”Street Workout” movement. A major influence and inspiration for many.

What’s cool in the Street Workout and Calisthenics world is cool because of him and a few others.


If anything, do it because it will allow You to do it for longer.

Not a lot of people are squatting as much as they used to squat when they was 20 years of age.

Don’t focus on the basics, but don’t neglect them either!

Simple as that!


All The Best!



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