The Importance of Consistency (How To Learn a Skill)

If you want to get better at something, you need to do it – A lot!


The more you perform a skill, the more your brain and body will tune in with that skill.

Mastery of any skill requires repetition.


To portray the messege better I want to let You in on my progress, when I was learning the handstand.

The beauty of the handstand is that it’s the ultimate test.

This is how You can learn what You’re made of. To learn a handstand You must accept the fact that it is about patience and consistency.

Ever since I got into calisthenics handstand was one of my top interests. I started training them from time to time with zero progress for a really long time. This discouraged me a lot and I said to myself that it is not worth it, so I stopped.

Just like that.

I transitioned my focus solely on strength development and I completely dumped skill training. I went on for months without even attempting a handstand.

Then, one day I decided that I want to finally learn how to hold a handstand and nothing was going to stop me. I was willing to cut out all other training just to prove to myself that through consistency I can achieve anything I want!

I started doing handstand everyday. There were some minor bumps and bruises, but no serious injuries. Strained wrist at most.

I started seeing progress shortly and I was amazed at how easy it seemed compared to the past. I was amazed by how quickly the human body can adapt.

I was so disappointed that I didn’t push through from the beginning. I was irritated because I knew that by the time I came to this point of time I would have already learned the freestanding handstand if I hadn’t given up.

I kept on working though, and I will keep working and keep learning.

There is always room to improve!

At least now I have experienced first hand how consistency and patience pay off!

I’m writing this article for those of You struggling with things. I want to let You know that no matter the difficulty of something You can always do and have what You have always wanted.

It is as simple as that. Just be patient!

All it really takes is patience and consistency. It takes a lot of it, but it’s definitely worth it!


Keep working and keep Learning!

What You desire will come to You!

You just have to prove that You deserve it!



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