If You play sports, if You are involved in a physically active lifestyle, it is crucial to know and understand how alcohol affects Your athletic performance and overall health. See, alcohol has a bad rep in the fitness and sports world!

This time I want to take the opportunity to look at the way alcohol affects the above-mentioned!

If You consume alcohol with, a steak with potatoes and a some good cheescake afterwards, Do You know what Your body will absorb first?

The body treats alcohol as one thing and one thing only. That is – Poison!

As such the body is going to do everything possible to get rid of it, as soon as possible!

When there are other things (READ: FOODS) that need to be digested, etc. They are not a priority anymore. There is posion in the body that needs to be ridden of!

What happens with the rest (in our case – steak, potatoes and cheesecake) ?

The body flushes it out without fully absorbing the essential nutrients inside these foods. Nutrients that the body desperately needs to function properly. This is what people sometimes refer to when they say „Protein Synthesis“ when talking about alcohol effects on health.

The toxicity of alcohol impairs the body‘s ability to produce ATP, which is the primary energy source for Your muscles. It aslo affects the ability to get adequate sleep, resulting in lack of human growth hormone production, which is directly correlated with muscle development.

The liver releases a chemical that impairs testosterone and there is a possible occurance of testosterone to estrogen conversion – One of the reason You see „drinkers“ having a „beer belly“, „man tits“, etc.

Most of all, alcohol is a diaretic – The more you drink, the more you urinate, and the more you become dehydrated!

Dehydration is a problem of its own that is big enough to fill up an entire book, so I will not discuss it here, but be sure that it is far from positive for Your well being!

Aerobic performance requires the use of oxygen to energize the bigger muscle groups so they can perform. Oxygen increases blood circulation and heart rate.

Unfortunately, alcohol slows respiratory function and affets the regulation of body temperature.

Even moderate amounts of alcohol can have negative effects on Your CNS.

Alcohol slows reaction time and hand-eye coordination. Drinking five drinks in one night can slow your cognitive function for up to three days.

If You decide to drink, drink something top-shelf. Clear Liquor. Accompany it with water, too.

I remember this one time, I was at a chrismats party from one of my jobs in the past. I drank the whole 700ml. of whiskey that I bought for myself, but with almost a gallon of water!

The whiskey was going in way smoother and I wasn‘t dehydrated the day after.

If You decide to drink, make good choices!

Go for clear, top-shelf liquor, drink lots of water and don‘t go for any sugary drinks to accompany your alcohol intake with!



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