Quality Food Sources – Protein

Everyone knows that protein is important and that cannot be overstated!

They play a big role in regulating and maintaining proper bodily function, however protein‘s main role in the body is structural.

In some cases it can have an energetic role – When there are no avilable carbs (I will look at the topic of oxidation, digestion, etc. In a seperate article).

There are 21 amino acids that are considered necessary for life. Nine out of those 21 are considered essential, since the body is unable to produce them on its own and humans need to consume them from food.

These amino acids (Proteins) are the building blocks of most cells. They make up Your muscle and organ tissues, which is more than 50% of the human dry weight, skin and hair.

Many foods are high in protein. It is commonly found in animal products, such as chicken, beef, etc., dairy products like milk, cheese, some legumes and nuts, as well.

Here are some general guidelines and foods to look for when picking out Your Quality Protein Sources/Foods:

  1. For pure body composition reasons – The source of protein does not matter that much. If „cutting“ is your goal, then chicken only (as a protein source) can get the job done.
  2. Health wise, it‘s better to bring variety;
  3. Quality is also important – You can be getting your protein from deeply fried chicken, if You are not worried about Your health.

Quality sources/foods include:

  1. Eggs – Accessible, cheap, healthy, stacked with protein. Don’t worry about the cholesterol;
  2. Legumes – Low in saturated fat (for the worried people out there), high in protein and high in fiber;
  3. Nuts – Very good for gaining weight and muscle because they are so calorically dense, high in healthy fats, high in proteins;
  4. Milk – The best sport drink! High in calcium. Balanced fuel of all three macronutrients, depending on the type of milk that You will choose;
  5. Chicken – One of the lean protein sources;
  6. Lean Beef – Protein and creatine in one;
  7. Cottage – One of the most beneficial foods for building muscle. High in protein, calcium, vitamin B;
  8. Tuna, salmon, and other fish and sea products.

The thing with protein is that we have to focus on picking the right products and the right amounts, in order to achieve our fitness goals.

Also, you should consume enough, so Your body can function properly. It‘s not advisable to decrease or even eliminate it from the diet!

Until next time!